About us

Faysart Studio is a site dedicated to the classic casino and online casino colors, aesthetics, and architecture. We offer useful information on our site about how colors work, what colors are used in the architecture of casinos, and more specifically, online casino sites.

Our mission is to provide interesting content for artists who design their own works inspired by classic casinos and online casino games. We also want to inform the general public about the importance of colors in classic casino play.

It was founded by Faysart (aka Fay van der Schoot), an artist painting in acrylic, watercolor, or other media. His work revolves around casinos and the colors used in them. He published several books on the subject and is known as an expert in casino design.

FaysArt Studio focuses on how colors are used in casino design, in a wide variety of media: paintings, stamps, playing cards, chips, or computer games.

Casinos have a lot of competition and choosing the perfect art and colors is part of the decoration. The same occurs with online casino sites that are usually located in various places around the world, which offer different types of games. This is where Faysart Studio comes into play, providing useful information for anyone who wants to work or improve their online casino site.

FaysArt Studio was formerly known as Casino-Art.com and has been operating since 2003. The redesigned site is now more focused on the artistic aspect of casino design, but at the same time, it offers all useful information about colors used in casinos. There are several books about the subject by Faysart himself for sale, including a book on playing cards.

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FaysArt Studio is a trademark of Faysart BV, registered in The Netherlands.