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The number one site devoted to studying old-school casino colors, aesthetics, and architecture, both land-based and online. This website provides practical information on color theory of casino architecture and, more specifically, how it is utilized on online casino sites.

We aim to offer an array of engaging and compelling content to help artists design artworks inspired by casino games. And we believe in the invaluable importance of colors we see in classic casino games.

Who are we


Founded by Faysart

Faysart Studio was founded by Faysart (AKA Fay van der Schoot), a mixed media artist. Some of the media they have used included acrylic and watercolor paints. His work revolves around casinos and the vibrant colors we see in them. He has released a few books on this subject and is well-known as a master with their knowledge of casino design. This includes a book on playing card designs.

FaysArt Studio is focused on showcasing how the classic casino colors are used in mainstream designs. We see these influences in paintings, playing cards, stamps, chips, and computer games.


Casino Designs

The casino business is an incredibly competitive industry. And part of this is the choice of the perfect palette and artwork for decor. Similarly, online casinos are also a worldwide phenomenon and offer a wide range of games derived from the classic land-based casinos. 

So for us at Faysart Studio, we want to provide helpful information to people who want to develop and improve their online casino websites.

Some of the knowledge we hope to share with you are:

The Role of Design in Casinos

When you enter a casino, you want to be in the correct mood for gaming. There should be this sense of anticipation. So professional designers merge this excited feeling with the visual designs in the casino. These visual elements include but are not limited to the following:


Interior Design

Classic casino furniture is inspired by 20th century design with carpets, patterned wallpapers, and crystals gilded with gold. But the most important of these is comfortable cushioned furniture, and couches and seats that patrons can sit on for hours as they play.


Color Palette

Casinos are known to be vibrant because of the lights in Las Vegas, but truthfully, casinos limit these bright colors and usually utilize muted palettes. This gives players a better contrast when they win something (like a jackpot, for example). and the lights and colors of the casino suddenly go bright.


Lighting and the Power of Red

Lighting is important to any venue because it helps guests navigate around the area. But specifically for casinos, and with the color red, the lighting can further excite players, especially when paired with games and the idea of winning. Utilize this color well but be careful not to overdo it.

Elements of Casino Design Applied to Online Casinos

01  Artworks

Icons and images placed around the site should fit the casino aesthetic.

02  Animation

Anything that moves or is dynamic should have an effect that emulates land-based casinos.

03  Color Palette

Muted colors contrasted with brighter lights to feed the feel-good feeling when winning.

04  Fonts and Typefaces

Not just with the aesthetic effect, but it is also vital for texts within the site to have readability so theya greater number of audiences can access it.

Enter the Wonderful World of Casino Designs

Join us in our adventure to learn more about applying classic casino designs to online casino sites!